Forgetting is frustrating

The vast majority of suffers from Fibromyalgia range from 20 to 50 years of age. Statistically speaking, yes, fibromyalgia is more common in women, but it doesn’t mean men are safe from the disease. The letter “F” in Fibromyalgia stand or should stand for “forgetfulness”. Forgetting is frustrating.

I constantly struggle to concentrate and remember things.

I forget whole conversation I have have with my family or with coworkers. It feels so frustrating when they bring something they told you about and you don’t remember it.

Having to do things twice, because you forgot what you were doing in the middle of doing it or making stupid mistake because you forgot a item on the list. It’s physically and mentally discouraging not being able to be the person who did the job properly on the first try.

It’s called brain fog and it’s common with numerous chronic illnesses.


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