Indigenous Peoples

August 9th is International Day for the World’s Indigenous Peoples.

I am Métis. This means that I am mixed race.

Did you know that the Métis flag dates as far back as 1815?

It is among the oldest flags originating in Canada. Its unique infinity symbol represents both the Métis culture’s permanency and the union of two cultures. The blue background represent French Métis and the red background represents English Métis.

Did you know that we are the only race who need to prove who we are, that all other races merely check mark a box and all is good?

The following quote also applies to any other races.

“You want to tell me I’m not Latino enough? Why don’t you stop speaking and look in the mirror and speak to yourself because you’re telling me something that you actually probably feel about yourself.” – Gina Rodriguez

Canada isn’t immune from hate. Hatred and attacks towards minorities are on the rise. It’s spreading and we need to remain vigilant.


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