Construction – Are we tired of being taken for idiots?

If you live near Montreal, you have probably heard about new hospitals with mold and pillars of the new Champlain Bridge that had to be redone because pieces tended to come off.

Like me, you probably feel like every year the entire city turns into a giant construction area, lots of promises are made and yet, it’s the same story year, after year, after year…

It seems that every week we learn about another construction mistake in the news. It happens so often that we are not even surprised anymore. It’s become the norm.

Mistakes aren’t the only issue. The complete lack of organization is also ridiculous. I’ve followed detour signs only to be directed to a blocked street. It’s complete chaos. We break up a commercial artery for approximately 6 months to rebuild the sewers, then less than 3 months after the end of the work, when the few traders who have not closed their doors can finally breathe again, we open the street again for other repairs. In front of my dad’s house, the city redid the street, which was due. After all was done and the street was beautiful and smooth, they dug it up to replace the sewer system. Why wasn’t the sewer system repaired when they dug up the street the first time? Does it not tempt anyone to coordinate and do all the work at the same time? Obviously not.

This goes without mentioning the corruption and collusion that have made for years, we redid streets with low quality materials. It doesn’t take much to drive to the next province over and see how Ontario has such beautiful streets compared to Quebec. Don’t tell me it’s because of the weather.

And we pay. And we pay. And we pay again. It’s a real joke.



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  1. Oh I totally agree with you on this one and something I used to ask the same questions on as a kid and get frustrated as an adult. The roads here in the UK are treated the same way. A waste of money, when a road perfectly done, is then dug up a few weeks, or months later and looks like a patchwork.

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