Having a cat or dog is good for kids

Your cat or dog is not just a pretty ball of hair – it is also incredibly good for your health.

Science has, among other things, shown that pets can help prevent allergies in children, ward off respiratory infections, improve mood and even boost self-esteem.

Pets are good for children - TopicsWithPassion.blogChildren and adults with autism sometimes have trouble communicating with the world around them. However, animal therapies have proven to be a useful learning tool in the sense that many people with autism feel a stronger connection with animals than with other people.

Many studies have shown that a nap can improve alertness, memory, creativity, productivity and mood. So if you are not a fan of naps alone, maybe the opportunity to curl up against your hairball will convince you to sleep a little today.

Sure, they have lives far less stressful than their human companion, but that does not discredit their innate ability to sit, perfectly still, sometimes for hours, just enjoying the moment.

Even Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recognize that one of the greatest benefits of having an animal is their ability to soothe our feelings of loneliness. They are often the best ears that we could wish for after a long and hard day, and their look when we go home reminds us that there is always someone who is excited to see us.

So whoever you are, if you are one of those obsessed with their furry friend, like me, be prepared to enjoy the many benefits of having a pet.


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