World Humanitarian Day

August 19th is World Humanitarian Day.

It is natural to question oneself, the future of the human being and society.

Everyone contributes to the world in their own way.

As I grew into myself, I started making choices that are in alignment with my internal compass. I have strong internal values that lead me to doing what I know is right.  I strive to keep my heart and mind in the right place. I naturally became a humanitarian. I know that I can succeed in achieving my purpose and meaning by fighting for myself as well as for those that are not able to fight themselves.

Some people think that discrimination only happens elsewhere. That is a lie. Canada isn’t immune from hate. Hatred and attacks towards minorities are on the rise. It’s spreading and we need to remain vigilant. Just because you can’t see racism around you doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Trust people of color’s assessment of a situation.

We should embrace all skin tones.

It’s so frustrating that we have to keep explaining how we experience racism just because racism has evolved and isn’t always as overt.

Don’t assume we can run if we’re Black, do math if we’re Asian, have drinking problems if we’re indigenous…

“None of us should be silent, or even courteous, about the horrors going on in our country,” writes Shaun King.

Let’s fight for justice and equal rights for everyone because every person is worth being respected, considered, loved, accepted and celebrated. Everyone deserves proper care, access to employment, education and housing. Everyone is beautiful regardless of their skin color, body shape, weight, number of stretch marks, scars, pimples on their skin, etc. We are all different and everyone deserve to shine in this sublime uniqueness.

Let’s fight discrimination every day because we are victims of this oppressive and unequal society that promotes displaced standards, places people in permanent privilege while others are crushed at all time.

Let’s fight the oppression and the violence that is spread to marginalized people for their appearances, their weight, their skin colors, etc. If you have friends or family members who use slurs or discriminate against people of other races, sit them down and explain why they must stop.

Let’s fight physical and verbal aggression that is committed and justified on a daily basis by a majority, as if the life, the identity, the health and the well-being of these victims were not considerable.

Let’s fight and denounce rape culture, this disgusting misogyny, this foul sexism, this systemic racism, this valued white supremacist, this horrible trans-phobia,  these stereotypes and tolerated prejudices.

Investing in young people today transforms societies tomorrow. Here’s how that happens.

Who profits from the injustice? Who benefits from the unfairness? 


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