Don’t settle

A warm body in bed is not enough.

Please don’t give up and don’t buy into the idea that all the good ones are taken. They aren’t. The simple proof is that you’re not taken.

Wait for someone who knocks your knee high socks off. Who makes you forget about time and who you used to be. Who understands and accepts you completely. Someone who you don’t have to convince. Someone who makes you feel at home.

“I don’t want someone who thinks I’m perfect. I want someone who knows I’m not but loves me anyway” – Unknown

Wait for someone who wants to go through all the ups and downs of life with you. Who chooses to stand by your side. Who doesn’t want anyone else. It’s easier to take a moment to recharge when someone truly has your back.

Wait. Because if you don’t, you’ll eventually have to start all over.

Don’t settle.



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