The virtue of curiosity

I’ve said this before … If we were encouraged to maintain a child-like curiosity into our adult years we’d all grow up with a far better understanding.

Wondering and asking questions about people’s different perspectives and experiences outside of our own gives us a sense of openness which allows for further depth of understanding. There is so much to be gained from opening our curious mind and letting new ideas, knowledge and beliefs come in. It is my personal belief that curiosity is the single most important characteristic we have as human beings.

#curiosity - TopicsWithPassion.blogHaving more understanding offers the possibility for compassion. When you are truly curious, you open your mind and allow yourself to see things from someone else perspective, you allow yourself to recognize potential mistake you might have made. We are wrong a lot more often than we are right. Embracing being wrong creates learning opportunities. Having an open mind requires asking questions, being genuinely interested in people’s thoughts, and accepting people for exactly who they are. That leads to compassion.

Having compassion flips a switch, creating, even more, possibilities for goodwill.

So in other words, everything starts with curiosity. We grow as individuals by learning and developing traits, habits, facts, talents based on information that we acquire.


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