Immigration is not the issue

Racism and intolerance has no place in Canada. More than 1 of 5 Canadian citizens were born abroad. Unless you are first nation, your family migrated to Canada.

We’re never going to make progress until we stop scapegoating immigrants and start fixing the rigged economic system. We shouldn’t be turning against one another.

We need to see more of these positive post to change the narrative on immigrants and refugees.

Teenage Syrian refugee ‘saved the day’ after rescuing toddler from Hamilton rooftop.


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  1. Here in Iowa, we just recently had a girl murdered by an undocumented immigrant. She was missing for over a month & it was all over the news. That poor girl didn’t deserve what happened to her but I’m tired of people making it to be about him being undocumented. That’s not what this situation is about. It’s about the fact that men still can’t take “no” for an answer. He saw her jogging & tried to talk to her. She had no interest & shrugged him off. So he snapped & killed her. But it makes me so mad because you can’t judge a group of people because of one horrible person. Sigh.

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      1. Yes, Mollie Tibbetts. And it’s sad because even her family is against those making this an undocumented immigrant issue in politics. They’ve spoken out against it. That the man was terrible but that doesn’t make all Hispanics murderers. But what it comes down to is that he couldn’t take the answer of no. Some guy lost at a game in Jacksonville, Florida recently and shot up the tournament. He couldn’t stand that he lost. Now, that’s not about sexism but it’s still about men’s inability to take no for an answer or to channel their feelings.

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      2. That man in Colorado that strangled his children & his pregnant wife? Or the Nazi that killed a young black girl? Nobody is talking about that. And when they talk about white men who shoot up places, they make excuses & look the other way. it’s sad as hell.


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