Can the human body really survive without animal products?

More and more people are converting to veganism and vegetarianism, but can the human body really survive without animal products?

The answer is yes, if you do it properly. Becoming vegan isn’t only about cutting animal products. It’s about replacing protein and vitamin found in animal products with other foods. No matter what kind of food you eat, it’s all about getting all your nutrients and eating in a balance fashion.

I switched to vegetarianism in college after moving out of my parents home. I realized that I didn’t particularly loved meat and was eating it out of obligation instead of pleasure. I’ve recently converted to veganism after finding out that I was lactose intolerant and that milk base products were triggering Fibromyalgia flare ups. This wasn’t as smooth a change as I love cheese.

I can’t argue with the fact that I’m feeling much better since I cut dairy products from my diet.

There are also people around that eat meat and have had long healthy lives following a good balanced diet, I am not saying that everyone should become vegan. What I’m saying if that if you are thinking about it, it is possible to be healthy following a vegan lifestyle.


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