We need better pain treatment and support

We all try to stay positive but sometimes we need to vent and get it all out!

Living with a chronic illness, often mean that your days are long and difficult. Most people will look at you and think that you are perfectly healthy, but that’s far from he truth. You are constantly trying to do you best. Some day you can do things and others you can’t. You want to work, socialize, participate in life like everyone else, but it’s not always your reality. Some will judge you and assume that you are either lazy or crazy. Again, that’s far from the truth. Most people living with a chronic illness aren’t looking for sympathy or pity, they just want to be believed and get support.

Pain isn’t a visible thing. If it was many would treat us differently, including the medical system. I wish people understood that just because you can’t see what’s wrong, doesn’t mean that we aren’t feeling it in every move we make.

I’m tired of this never ending pain. Living in constant pain can take someone who used to be ambitious, hardworking and energetic and rob them from all of that to the point of making it difficult to clean the house, exercise and even think clearly.

I’m tired. I’m fed up. I’m so close to breaking, but I know that there is strength within me, even when I feel weak. I will keep fighting for myself and for all going through similar situations.



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