Mental Health Day

Most psychologist agree that in order to take care of your mental health everyone should give themselves permission to take a mental day when they need it. It’s been proven that taking a mental health day makes people more production and generally easier to be around. It’s also proven that taking a day to relax and recharge, gives a boost to your immune system which means it help prevent sick days in the future.

Most people feel too guilty to take one when they know they need one. Why do we feel so selfish when we do it? The answer is easy. I’ve seated in management meeting listening to managers and business owners speak about employees who use all their sick and vacation days as having attitude problems and being unreliable. I’ve worked for companies who punish employees who take their sick days by refusing to give them raises on the basis of their absenteeism.

There is still a disconnect between what is good for your health and well being versus the business world where productivity and availability is your only worth.


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  1. Except if you are not feeling well physically or mentally, taking that day off is ultimately best for employees and employers. You can’t be productive if a virus is spreading around, or if your mental health doesn’t allow you to work effectively.

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