Where’s the common sense?

The newspapers reported that there was an incident involving a school bus driver in Sherbrooke, Quebec and two girls attending elementary school that I simply cannot comprehend. The driver expelled the two children aged 5 and 7 and abandoned them to a woman who did not know them. Where’s the bus driver’s common sense? Parents put their children on the school bus thinking they will be safe and in good hands and something like this happen?

As the girls climbed inside the school bus, it was really crowded, and one of the two girls had a hard time finding a place to sit. She starting having a panic. My daughter is in high school and was nervous to take the school bus on the first day. I can completely understand how a child that young could feel panicked.

After a few exchanges, the driver would have demanded that they disembark from the bus. I’m sorry, but that is unacceptable and the bus driver should be fired. You can’t abandon elementary school kids on the side of the road!

He asked a mom who was still at the bus stop if she knew the girls and told her that, even if she didn’t, she had to take care of them. Excuse me?!

The incident aroused the anger of several parents, who demanded the dismissal of the bus driver. I completely support them.

A complaint was lodged with the School Board which opened an investigation, but the bus driver has not been relieved of his duties and will resume the road next Tuesday?! Are they for real? At the minimum, the bus driver should be suspended until the investigation is complete. How are those girls supposed to take the bus with this idiot at the wheel. How are parents of any kid on that bus line supposed to trust that their child will be safe and not given to a stranger along the way or mistreated?

It is not impossible that sanctions will be imposed on him depending on the results of the investigation, but as far as I’m concern, it’s already too little too late. I am trembling with rage at this news story.


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