Bodily Autonomy – Choosing when and how to die

Why do you have to wait for a person to be in agony, in excruciating pain, to give him access to a doctor who will help him die slowly? Why should a simply determined and lucid human being endure physical or mental suffering because he or she is not about to die? Shouldn’t we have full bodily autonomy? Should we be able to choose when and how to die?

Having recourse to medical aid in dying is very recent (December 2015 in Quebec, July 2016 in Canada). Each year, there is a 30% increase in the number of people using it. There has been approximately 4,000 people have used it since it’s become legally available. Unfortunately, it is reserved to those who have an illness who not only make them suffer, but that will kill them in the long run. People are still fighting for the right to die when suffering from an incurable illness that won’t cause death.

Individuals who suffer physically, and wish to die in dignity are faced with a law prevents them from having access to medical aid in dying. Most people do not have 15 000 $ to go to Switzerland. Their only choice is suicide, which is extremely painful for loved ones.

Many view the recourse to medical aid in dying as something sad and avoidable. On the contrary, it is a rather positive human experience.


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