The birth of a child

We went to my office holiday party. I was working for an Italian family and their idea of a party was many many dishes. At the time, I was barely eating because my unborn child was sitting on my stomach. I forced myself to eat a little from every plate. It wasn’t long before I started feeling sick from eating too much and we went back home.

baby-1681181_1920I couldn’t sleep. My stomach ache was keeping me up. I sat in the living room watching television while my spouse and his adopted brother slept on the couches. My spouse woke up and asked what I was doing still up. I told him about my stomach issue and said I noticed it was worse every two minutes. He got up and insisted we go to the hospital convinced that the baby was coming. I wasn’t convinced at all. They weren’t labor pains. It was indigestion from eating too much that’s all. He didn’t want to take a chance, so we left.

I felt embarrassed. I thought the hospital staff would laugh at us and send us back home. A close friend of mine had done many such trips because she had false contractions. She said that when the real one started, they were so strong she fell on her knees. I wasn’t feeling anything like that. The birthing class we took said that contraction could be felt not only in the stomach, but radiate all the way in the back. Mine were nothing like that.

I was wrong. Once we reached the hospital I lost my water and five minutes later, I was holding my baby girl. The doctor barely made it in time. She was already half way out when he arrived. I will always remember the look on the anesthetist when he came in to offer his help and realized that I was already holding my baby.

You can’t compare yourself to another person or even to the majority of cases. Each birth is unique and there is truly no way to know what will happen until it finally does.


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