Travel and rape shouldn’t go hand in hand

Is Canada’s Far North a playground for perverts?

Workers from the South take advantage of the distance and the distress to commit irreparable actions. Survey collected testimonials from Inuit women victims of sexual violence.

The leader of Manitoba’s northern First Nations is demanding action after explosive allegations came to light revealing decades of racism and sexual abuse of Indigenous women by hydro workers in the north.

Part of the issue is racism, the over sexualizaton of women, the lack of value we put on women’s safety which is showed by a  lack of consequences for the men.

Why is one of the first question when a women say she was raped about the clothes she was wearing? We are in 2018 and the body of the woman is still and always censored. Why ? Because it is sexualized unlike that of man.

“When women go through this, it’s a horrifying experience because your entire self-confidence just drains out of you.” – Gretchen Carlson

Feminism will only become redundant when injustice, inequity and inequality are adequately addressed.


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