Why waiting in line is problematic

Why waiting in line is problematic. In the past, I have waited in long lines up to 6 hours for Star Wars tickets. I’ve waited in long line to get on my favourite ride at the amusement park. Unfortunately, I can’t wait in line anymore. I need a chair with backs or a wall to lean on when I’m out anywhere because standing for too long hurts. I constantly leaning on things to support myself. I know it just looks lazy most of the time. I see the looks I get from strangers who judge me without knowing my story.

For the last 2 years, I’ve needed a wheelchair to attend Comic-con. Even by staying seated, I still cried from being in extreme physical pain and exhaustion after attending my favourite activity.

Even at home I am sitting constantly. I take breaks to rest while I’m doing things, and I can never be on my feet too long. I need to sit down while I cook or fold clothes because standing is too painful.

The other day we went to do groceries. Something that is now very painful. It takes me all I have just to stay upright. When we finished walking around, we realize that only 2 cashier were available and the lines were extremely long. I couldn’t do the line up. Waiting in line is problematic.  I ended up going back to the car and letting my husband wait alone.


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