Coffee Lovers Rejoice!

October 1st marks #InternationalCoffeeDay! Wait, isn’t that every day for coffee lovers? 

Did you know that the earliest account of coffee drinking date back to Arabia in the 15th century? This means that human beings have been enjoying coffee for centuries.

I’ve been prescribe by my doctor two cups of coffee a day. Coffee helps with asthma, anxiety, migraines and sleepiness. Why love coffee if you suffer from anxiety? The aroma is soothing. The heat is comforting. It can bring a sense of peace to someone who is feeling jittery. Of course, drinking too much coffee can have the opposite effect.

“Who doesn’t drink coffee? I mean, it’s just coffee. It’s not a drink, it’s a hug.” – Lost Girl

If anyone’s has ever been on your case for your coffee consumption, here is some good news and argument that you can use:

3 independent studies (IARC, MEC and EPIC) indicate that regular coffee consumption is associated with a lower risk of premature mortality and may also prevent recurrence in patients who have survived a heart attack.

Coffee beans are highly complex. Coffee beans include the cafestol and kahweol diterpenes that accelerate the elimination of carcinogens, caffeine and chlorogenic acids that have strong antioxidant activity, and a host of other positive effects. As a result, even though coffee is best known and appreciated for its caffeine content and its stimulating properties, this beverage can also have beneficial effects on human health.

It is important to mention that all these protective effects are observed for both regular and decaffeinated coffee, which indicates that it is the many phytochemicals present in the coffee beans that are responsible for the benefits of this beverage and not caffeine.


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