It’s time we worry about the children

I know that we live in a society in which more and more couple are deciding not to have children and everyone is out for themselves and their loved ones, but let’s make one thing clear, if you care about the human race, then every child born on this planet is our responsibility.  If you cared about the future of the human race, it’s time we worry about the children.

We need to put our priorities in the right place. When we invest in education, we’re giving them tools to transform their lives and create prosperity. We need to review our education system, make sure it’s inclusive, that all children have access to a valuable education, that all children get the support to succeed. We need to make sure that no child goes hungry or homeless.

When we underpay the people who take care of children, who work in the educative system and refuse to bring an old system to the modern world, it’s the children who will fall short and these children are the future of the human race.

Even if you don’t have children and we should all be happy to pay for education. How can anyone be against educating our future generations???

I’m not just talking about education. There are currently 1.2 million Canadian children living in low-income housing and 10.7 per cent of families with children under six say they experience food insecurity.

The leading cause of childhood deaths are preventable accidents and suicide, which points to lack of education for parents and lack of mental health support for children as well as adults.


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