Your voice matter, but you need to use it

Your voice matter, unfortunately abstaining from voting isn’t sending a message, it silencing your voice. There is literally nothing to win by not voting.

Let’s get real, governments are complacent when it comes to voting participation. As long as those who vote elect them, it doesn’t really matter who didn’t bother to show up.

Many people on social media are claiming that non-voters lose their right to criticize the government. Democracy doesn’t work that way. It is not just about voting, and everyone has the right to complain.

Of course, our democracy is not perfect. All parties disappoint and make false promises to get elected. It can be difficult which one should win in this chaos. It is also impossible for everyone to be perfectly represented in a party. 

The problem with abstaining from voting is that you are being a passive observer and that you are directly responsible when parties that don’t defend inclusion, equality and that are not environmentally responsible win. There are real issues at stake, people’s lives will be affected. Don’t stand by and let racist, sexist, greed lead parties win.

If you didn’t vote in the last provincial election, I hope you do so in the next one. Your voice does matter, even if you are voting for the lesser of evils.


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