Fleeing violence and environmental disasters

We are living through stressful times. Reading the news feels awful, but turning our backs to the issues isn’t going to help solve them.

The “CAQ” exploited the fear of immigration with tests of values, threats of expulsion and an inability to support his proposals on facts. Their party used fear to manipulate public opinion, in defiance of the facts and unfortunately, it worked.

The “CAQ” promises to reduce number of immigrants by 20 per cent a year, starting in 2019. We complain about a labour shortage in the regions, but we are electing a party that wants to close the door to immigrants who do not ask for anything better than to work.

Negotiate with Ottawa for full control of immigration. The federal government already stated that they have no intention of changing their rules on immigration or of giving the responsibility to provinces and territories. This is a false promise and once again people fell for it.

To treat such a complex issue so irresponsibly, constantly talking about the immigrant as a threat or a problem, regardless of the facts, is not inconsequential. The truth is that most refugees and immigrants are fleeing violence, environmental disasters filled with hopes of safety and happiness for them and their loved ones.

Unfortunately, they are only met with more violence. Do you really want to be part of the reason these human beings can’t find safety? Women fleeing violence in Myanmar are being sexually assaulted by the Army, according to the UN. In the U.S. refugee children were sexually abused after being separated. Stuff like this has gone on for decades.

Anytime I meet someone who says that we should help refugees because we have a lot of local homeless people who need help, I ask them what they have personally done to help poor people and the answer is usually nothing. I ask them if they give money or food to the homeless and the answer is no. So in other words, they really don’t want to help anyone.

The only way to beat the propaganda reducing all refugees to beggars after an easy ride is to publish and share positive stories, such as these:

Tirej Brimo, a Syrian refugee became a medical doctor after studying in 4 different countries. Each time, he had to flee due to war. He finally landed in Britian in 2013 where he was able to complete his studies.

Gina Cody, an immigrant from Iran, found success in Canada and donated $15 million to Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. She found a better life in Canada and is giving back to the country. She is a positive force.


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