The planet doesn’t seem to be a priority for Quebec

After a scorching summer, it is said that the environment is the most important issue. The problem is clearly worsening at an accelerating rate, so why did people place the “Coalition avenir Québec” in power for whom, whatever their name may say, the future of the planet does not seem to be a priority. I don’t get it.

Each of us must be responsible for the ecology, this includes our choice of leadership. We had the choice to choose a party that would prioritize the environment and yet, the CAQ was voted in by the majority. I conclude that the environment is not important for the majority of Quebec’s voters.

The CAQ refuses to completely eliminate fossil fuel subsidies and is open to building new oil and gas infrastructure. They wants to relax the rules for protecting wetlands and refuses to increase water fees.

Like so many before, this political party prioritizes the economy before the environment.

Actions are more important than words and the majority chose a party that doesn’t care about the environment. People say one thing and do another. I am so disappointed.

The CAQ may have been voted in, but for our future, we must continue to fight for the environment. Let’s roll up our sleeves. Let’s fight, inspire and demand better.When citizens mobilize the impossible can happen.


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