Learning meditation to fight trauma

Professional are recommending learning meditation to fight trauma.

Did you know that he amygdala, the “fear center” in our brain,  might be enlarged after a trauma and trigger flashbacks of anxiety and panic?

When dealing with mental health it’s important to make well informed decisions on issues that affect our well-being.

Psychologists recommended to start each day with mindfulness meditation and breathing exercises. They say that mindfulness practices can considerably improve the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Medication and psychotherapy helps, but doesn’t completely work for about half the trauma survivors. Adding  meditation to medication and therapy has proven to be one of the most promising things you can do to help you deal with trauma.

Find relief from the rush of life with just 20 minutes of yoga and meditation.

Meditation is about awareness of our thoughts, taking breaths and being aware of your breath, your body, and your surroundings.

Learning meditation: it’s crazy, this activity allows us to quietly detach ourselves from the irritants that surround us, focusing on our feelings. In addition, it’s great for managing anxiety and stress while helping with blood pressure. We learn over time to ignore small things that should not hinder our well-being. There is nothing positive here!


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