Do you have an active kid?

Did you know that if you live in the province of Quebec, you can claim a refundable tax credit for the physical activities or artistic, cultural or recreational activities of your children, provided you meet all of the following conditions:

  1. You were living in the province Quebec on December 31, 2017.
  2. In 2017, you:
    1. registered a child in a program that is not part of a school’s curriculum that took place over at least 8 consecutive weeks or at least f5 consecutive days; or
    2. obtained a membership for a child in a club, association or similar organization provided that the membership is for a minimum period of 8 consecutive weeks.
  3. Your family income did not exceed $135,085 in 2017.
  4. You have a receipt that constitutes proof of payment. You must keep your receipt in case we ask for it.

For more information, visit Revenue Quebec.


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