Soothing silence

You know you have changed when you look at life differently from the way you used to, when you live a new way of life.

architecture-2598158_1920You know you have grown as a person when you no longer lose precious time for things that have no real depth or love, when you start prioritizing more time for the things that truly matter to you. For example, I’d much rather be alone than around drama, gossip, chaos and confusion. Silence soothes my soul. Being alone is a relief most of the time, because there is neither regrets, hurts, nor worries.

You know when you have learned a great life lesson when you take more time for the important things in life like expressing yourself and listening to what is important you and you no longer waste anymore time on people that just waste your time. As an introvert, I have always kept my circle of friends small and as I grew older and wiser, I started to cut out anyone who brings drama with them. I now only want people I can trust and rely on.

You know how much stronger you have become as no matter what people say about you or how they treat you. You know understand it doesn’t change anything as you are responsible for you and how much you value your peace.

At some point in life, I think most of us reach that point. Some sooner than others, especially introverts.


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