Sick? Stay home – Easier said than done

I was reading an article written by a fellow parent, a rant really, demanding that people keep their sick kids at home before they kill someone. Feeling sick or have kids who are sick? Stay home. Well, that easier said than done.

I understand the thought and logic behind her rant.  The reality is much different. You really can’t expect perfection from an imperfect world.

In a perfect world, anyone who is sick would be able to stay in their house and take care of themselves and parents would be able to work from home or take time off to take care of sick children or elderly parent. Unfortunately, this is not a reality that most of us as access to. I certainly don’t.

How many times adults go to work sick because staying home and taking care of your own health will get you punished at work? The same goes for parents wishing to stay home with sick kids.


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