Stop assuming dads aren’t caregivers

It’s time to stop assuming dads aren’t caregivers and that mom’s are the primary caretaker of children. Taking care of children shouldn’t be a job deemed for women only. Fathers want to be in their children lives. I know many men who have more parenting instinct than their spouse. The idea that women are just naturally better at childcare is wrong. It takes 2 people to make a child, it’s only logical that it takes 2 to raise that child.

We need to have changing tables in men’s public restrooms. There are still so many public bathrooms that only have changing tables in women’s rooms. This makes it very difficult and disgusting for fathers who are ether force to leave the task to the mother’s shoulders every time a diaper needs changing when she is present or they are forced to change the baby between two sinks or sitting down on a toilet. I don’t understand why this is still an issue when the solution is incredibly easy.


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  1. I haven’t thought about the issue of changing tables at men’s bathrooms, but you’re correct! A lot of institutions still think of changing diapers as a woman’s work.

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