Planning family activities with anxiety

People who struggle with anxiety have this tendency partly because we have a heightened fear of things not going the way we want or expect. So planning family activities with anxiety can be quite a challenge.

I was worried that the kids wouldn’t get along, that there would be fighting, or that they wouldn’t have a good time. I was worried we would forget to bring something important. I was worried we would be able to get ready in time and we would be late to the meeting place. All of these fears were making me cranky and keeping me awake when I knew I needed a full night rest.

Anxiety often makes us believe that if things don’t go the way we anticipate, everything will fall apart.

The kids got along (mostly), there was very little fighting and they had a good time (mostly). We forgot to bring toilet paper, but guess what? There are these things called stores where you can get toilet paper on the way to the activity. Getting ready was indeed rock and roll, but we were out the door on time. As usual, all that worry was for nothing.

Yet this circle starts over again every single time I plan family outings.


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