I can’t do it all by myself

My husband hurt his leg at football practice. He’s a coach on his son’s team. He came back home that night barely able to walk. Being in constant pain due to Fibromyalgia, I am particularly sensitive to other’s pain. Unfortunately, I can’t do it all by myself.

Usually he helps me with laundry by bringing up and down the clothes. I can then take care of folding and putting things away. That day I didn’t want to ask help with bringing up the clean clothes because he was hurt. I figured one time wouldn’t hurt that much. I was wrong. I can’t do stairs while carrying anything. I fell walking up the stairs ended up sprawled on the floor with my head in the laundry basket I was carrying crying as every inch of me hurt. I managed to twist my left knee, pull muscles in both my arms and hurt my back. All because I thought I could manage it all by myself.

I dream of a house where the laundry is on the same floor as my bedroom.

What activity did you use to take for granted that are now out of reach?


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  1. For me, there is nothing that I can’t do now than before… Well except for not being able to speak on the phone, as I don’t hear well on the phone. Texting instead, or emailing takes it’s place of phone calls.

    Sorry to hear that things are difficult at home, with you both injured in some way and on top of your health too. I hope you have support and that you both heal.
    I understand how you tried to do something yourself, not wanting to ask your husband, because of him hurting his leg. I would have been the same, had I been in a similar situation. Xx

    1. Thank you for your kind words Liz. Things aren’t easy, but we try to laugh it out. I tried to put my hair in the bun this week and pulled a muscle in my arm. You can’t make this stuff up. I just hope people won’t assume I’m in a bad relationship. I really do just hurt myself trying to do normal things. 😛

      1. Trying to laugh it out is the only way. I have laughed some things out for how I have heard things wrong, that changes the whole context.

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