Anxiety can make you jump to a wrong conclusion

Anxiety can make you jump to a wrong conclusion really fast.

My husband texted me this morning: “I need your counsel”. My heart immediately fell into my feet. I knew he was at work, so my mind immediately thought something really bad happened. That he was going to tell me that he couldn’t take it anymore and he wanted to quit. I worried about our finance on my salary only, not to mention that my job situation is precarious due to my health issues. I felt nauseated as I replied: “What’s up?”

He then text me a picture of a CB radio we wanted to buy for the jeep when we had a bit of money put aside. He had found one online that was much less expensive than the one we had seen at the store and it was the same model. My anxiety washed away. This is so not an issue, nor was it negative.

Seriously, if you love someone who battles with anxiety go straight to the point. Don’t be vague letting the person’s anxiety fill the gaps. It will never be a good thing.


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