Don’t protect me. I want the truth.

I detest lying and try to stick to the truth. I do try to find the most delicate way to tell people the truth when I know it could be difficult to hear.

I would much prefer having honest friends, than being surrounded by people who will lie to protect my feelings.  I prefer the type of friends who never lie to you just to make things look better in your eyes.

In the past, a coworker came to me and let me know that my spouse was hitting on her and showed me proof. She said that she was told by management to keep it to herself so that I wouldn’t get hurt. I thanked her for her honesty. I was honestly grateful that she came forward. I was more hurt that management tried to silence her and keep me in the dark. Yes, it’s not fun to end a relationship, but I prefer doing so and keeping my self-esteem than staying in a false relationship filled with lies and deception.



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