Stop asking me if I’m cured

Having conversation with many family members and friends have become difficult because all the same questions are being asked over and over again. It has become clear that some people are unable to accept that I have multiple incurable chronic illness. Everyone thinks optimism is great, but did people ever ponder that maybe too much optimism can hurt you?

I’ve had to accept my situation in order to survive it. By expecting me to be cured and refusing to accepting that it’s incurable, you are not helping me.

  • Didn’t you just have a doctor appointment not long ago?
  • Do you really need to see a doctor so often?
  • Why does the doctor need to see you so often?
  • Why do you have so many doctors?
  • What is this doctor for?
  • When will you stop going to the doctors?
  • So are you getting better?
  • Did they find a cure?
  • Why is it taking so long to find a cure?
  • Why are you taking medication if it’s not to cure you?
  • I know someone who cut all gluten and got cured.
  • Are you sure they didn’t misdiagnosed you?

I have multiple incurable chronic illness. I have medication that need to be adjusted on a monthly basis and that for the rest of my life. No, they can’t just give me a prescription and send me home without follow up. Medication that affect with hormones have to be adjusted regularly because hormones levels are constantly changing, especially when you are a women about to enter menopause.

No, my thyroid won’t come back to life. It’s dead. That’s permanent. There is no way to make an impossible possible.

Yes, I really need to see a doctor. If I’m not careful or decide to go untreated, I will die. You can’t get your hopes up that an illness will magically disappear if you ignore it. No, I’m not at risk of dying, because I take care of my illness, take my medication, follow instructions from my doctors on food and exercise, etc. No, even if I follow everything perfectly, I won’t be cured.

I have many doctors, because I have multiple chronic illness and each doctor has a specialty.

No they haven’t found a cure, stop asking me every 2 minutes.

I’m not gluten intolerant. I took the test. It was negative. I am lactose intolerant and no, cutting lactose from my diet won’t cure me of all my chronic illnesses, but it does make my stomach feel better.

Yes, I’m sure they didn’t misdiagnose me. I’ve had countless test and still getting more. I’ve seen all the results. Just because my cousin has an illness, doesn’t mean I have the same one.

I wish the healthy portion of the world would stop being so optimistic and just accept that I’m sick.


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