Why are your employees leaving?

Are you wondering why your employees are leaving?

Are your employees feeling like they aren’t appreciated, or no matter what they did, like it’s never enough? They may be getting this feeling if their manager micromanages. Bosses micromanage for a number of reasons. Sometimes it comes from a need for assuming constant control, or insecurity at some level. It can also mean they don’t trust their employees. In some cases this can even lead to mild bullying behaviour, where the boss is so consumed with monitoring your every step that it begins to feel like a form of intimidation. This can push a company’s best employees out the door. Employers who want to be able to retain your employees,  must have the good managers.

Another factor that changes over time is the status of the employees themselves. For example, if an employee was hired when they were young and single, maybe they’ve started a family since then. They therefore have different needs that an employer must consider. The same goes for employees who have developed health issues or a disability.

Worker wages remain stagnant as wealthy executives are rolling in cash. While average worker wages have been stagnant for decades, the top 1 percent income earners have more than doubled their share of the country’s income. Most Canadian workers are living paycheck-to-paycheck. There is nothing like freezing the wages of your employees to inspire them to see if the conditions are not better among your competitors.


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  1. It puzzles me when managers see that there is a high rate of turnover and don’t take the next mental step and consider what is wrong in the workplace that so many employees feel the need to leave.

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