Don’t hide your illnesses from your children

Your parental instincts can be to keep your children in the dark about any physical or mental illnesses you may have in order to protect them. I know it was mine in the beginning. Unfortunately, children always sense and see more than we think. Therefore your silence can have a negative impact as they may imagine much worse as they fill the gaps between what they know and don’t know. Don’t hide your illnesses from your children.

Children are often kept in the dark. They constantly feels that something is happening.  They just don’t know what it is exactly. Because of this they may develop anxiety disorders, anger, uncertainty, confusion and guilt. That’s why it’s important for a parent to sit down with her/his children and talk to them about her/his condition(s). That is why you can’t hide your illnesses from your children.

Talking to my children about my illnesses have actually brought us closer. They now understand why I’m so tired or why I can’t do many of the activities I used to do with them. They also know that I’m not dying, which was a fear that my kids had when they realize I was sick. Knowing what is wrong can be reassuring.



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