Sexual harassment & gender discrimination

The problems of sexual harassment and gender discrimination aren’t only an issue elsewhere in the world, they also persist in developed countries. Even at home, and we must remain vigilant.

It still seems normal even today that sexual harassment, gender discrimination and insecurity are part of the lives of young Canadian women. The first time I was solicited for sex by an adult male, I was 7 years old. I was attacked by a bunch of teenagers my age with the intent of rape in high school. This shouldn’t be the normal course for a girl growing up in Canada. If only this was a rare occurrence, but the fact is most women I know have been through their own story of sexual harassment and gender discrimination.

It’s an unfortunate truth that girls, in life, does not leave with the same chances unfortunately as a boy, even in Canada. The norm is that girls are denied the right to reach their full potential and that should shock us all.

For future generations to achieve equality, we must all unite to challenge the normality that these data present to us.


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