Be a role model

National Inspirational Role Models Month is observed on November 1st. It has been observed the month of November since 2005 founded by Darlene House.

The idea is  “To acknowledge impact contemporary and historic role models have on our lives.  Individuals chosen for recognition may include celebrities, historic figures, relatives, friends, colleagues and associates.  Celebrate with creative projects and activities featuring historic role models and by spending time with contemporary role models.”

I propose that this month we take some time to look at our own lives. Can someone, anyone, look at us and say she/he would make a great role model?

I propose to rekindle our passion and get more involved in our work. By doing so we will not only be helping ourselves but also our coworkers. Let’s show them that we can get excited to be there again and that we also want to enjoy your time at work. I know I do.

Let’s be positive and enthusiastic and others are sure to follow! Let’s be a role model.


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