So as many of you know, this month is Movember or prostate cancer awareness month. Many people within my workplace and family are participating in this fundraiser, and I’ve been wanting to help out a little bit.

After talking to one of my coworkers, hearing him talk about Movember, about toxic masculinity, the taboo of men & masculine folks talking about their health or taking care of their health at all, and how much that means to him, it moved me a lot.

You never think that this will happen to you. Until it does happen to you. Health is important and there are a lot of things that will creep on you while you keep thinking that “It won’t happen to me”, there is nothing wrong with getting check-ups, in feeling pain or worrying, there is nothing unmanly or feminine about it, it’s a human thing, and I’d love for you to be healthy and stick around.


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