Flirting 101

There seems to be a lot of insecurity when it comes to flirting these days. Here are a few life and romance tips that can help:

Learn to praise a woman without demonizing other women. “You’re not like other girls” is not a compliment. I want to be like other girls. Other girls are awesome.

Being friendly with someone you aren’t romantically and/or physically attracted to and that person develops feelings for you isn’t your fault, nor does it mean that you were leading them on. You are under no obligation to date him or her. You don’t owe anyone a yes when you want to say no.

“When men respond to sexual harassment with “this is why men don’t approach women anymore, everything is sexual harassment” they’re threatening women to either accept this abuse and shut up or they’ll get no affection from them, as if men’s affection is the ultimate prize in life” – @gothforbid



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