Bumblebees are dying

Bumblebees are dying. Habitat losses of many bumblebee species from climate change are about to accelerate. If we leave climate change out of control, the appearance of this planet’s vegetation will be totally different from what it is today.

Bumblebees can pollinate flowering plants for much of the year. They frequent forests, mountainous regions, peat bogs, fields and other places where nectar plants flourish.

Bumblebees are dyingThese insects use a pollination technique of their own, vibration pollination, which allows them to collect pollen from the flowers by vibrating the muscles of their wings.

As a result, they play a direct role in maintaining the diversity and abundance of wild plant species and participate in the proper functioning and stability of natural ecosystems.

Climate change will affect agricultural areas, where bumblebees are already struggling to survive habitat destruction and aggro-chemicals, further threatening the critical role they play.

It is therefore important to develop large-scale strategies to improve the chances of survival.Environmental protection measures, such as the preservation of wildflowers and raspberry plants, which these insects are fond of, can also help them.We can also create gardens where the favorite bumblebee flowers grow. This can help them move between urban parcels and travel through different landscapes.


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