You deserve to be happy

You deserve to be happy. To change and move towards better, there is no point in waiting for one’s turn, nor seeing a shooting star go by to make a wish. There is no better time to find happiness that right now in the present.

Surround yourself with the positive people

Attitudes are contagious. If someone’s smiling at you, you’ll probably smile. If someone is rude, then you’ll probably be rude back. This is why it’s important to hang out with people whose attitude you want to catch.

Ask yourself the right questions

Rather than saying “I want to be happy,” ask yourself, “What keeps me happy?”. Once this question is asked, it is time to think about the answer that can be given.

Don’t compare yourself to others

Those who want to be happier do not compare themselves to others, and the conditional is banished from their language.

Try new things

Nothing feels better than turning an “I can not” into a “I deserve the opportunity to try”.

Open your mind

Only open minds see something extraordinary where others perceive only routine and basic things.


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