Access to high-speed Internet for all Canadians

The federal and provincial governments have agreed to develop a long-term strategy to improve access to high-speed Internet for all Canadians.

Not many know this, but in Vancouver, the ministers responsible for innovation and economic development said that connectivity to high-speed services is of paramount importance to the prosperity and well-being of Canadians. They want to solve the issue of difficult access to high speed Internet in the regions. Too many can not wait for a reliable high-speed Internet connection to be available in his city.

Problem solving - TopicsWithPassion.blogAt the same time, the Competition Bureau is seeking consumer input to guide its market research on broadband.

The organization launched a consultation to learn about consumers’ buying habits with respect to Internet services. As part of this market research, the Bureau wants to better understand consumer behaviour and their experiences with Canadian access providers.

The Bureau is encouraging people to complete a short online survey. He notes that high-speed Internet “plays a vital role in the way Canadians work, learn and thrive in the digital economy.”


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