Life is tough, but so are chronic illness warriors

Life is though, but so are chronic illness warriors. Anyone battling health issue has numerous examples of bad days.

These are only a few examples of bad chronic illness days:

  • I simply walked down the hall to our bed, undressed, and crawled into the blankets. My body was so raw and beaten, bruised and sore
  • My legs were hurting so much I was having incredible difficulty walking. I peed in my pants on my way to the bathroom because I couldn’t move fast enough.
  • I sat on the sofa at a family visit and felt the pain grow on my left side, I became paralyzed on one side. My face felt like I had been punched and I talked like someone who suffered stroke damage.

“Wake up every day and make the best of the that you can. Some days, you may have a ton of energy and be very positive and productive. Other days, well, just getting out of bed may take all the energy you can muster. Do your best, no more than that. Appreciate yourself, especially on the down days. That’s when you need it most.” – Doe Zantamanta.


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