She’s not fighting back

If she’s not fighting back, there’s a few questions you should be asking yourself. Whether it’s a romantic relationship or at work, when she checks out, she stops caring. That means there is something seriously wrong. Her partner or her work starts to matter less to her. At first you may not notice a decline, but the passion behind is clearly missing. If that light isn’t sparked again, she will leave.

Kindness - Self-ImprovementFor example, instead of asserting her point of view, your formerly opinionated girlfriend, wife, or employee just silently go along with any activity suggestions or implements her boss’ suggestion regardless of what she is able to bring to the table. That’s a major clue that she’s not fighting back anymore.

People who care and feel invested in a relationship or a job are motivated to assert their points of view, even if that opens the door to constructive conflict.

People who are plotting their escape can no longer be bothered.


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