The case of the Christmas tree

This is a short blog post and I apologize for that. I need your help with a decision when it comes to the case of the Christmas tree. I’m really torn about this one. Which is best: Real or Fake Christmas tree?

I’ve always had a fake Christmas tree because the idea of chopping a real tree for a short season didn’t sit well with me. My plastic tree is getting really old and falling apart. I’ve already pushed it too long. We have to replace it this year.

My husband would like to have a real tree this year. He says that the trees are grown especially for Christmas and if we buy one from a local business we are helping local economy. It kind of make sense. He also says that we can keep the tree afterwards for our summer camp fires. That also makes me feel better.

What is your take on the real vs fake Christmas tree debate?


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  1. For me, fake for same reasons as you, but also saving money, because that fake tree is going to last you some years, as well as no pine needles to vaccumm up.

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