Rape is about power not clothing

It’s important to understand that Rape is about power not clothing. The Irish court has acquitted a 27-year-old man accused of raping a 17-year-old girl after her lawyer convinced the jury that the latter also had responsibilities in her own assault because she was wearing a thong that day .

First of all, in order to find out that she had a thong the assault had already gone to far. Second of all, she’s a minor and he’s an adult. She therefore cannot consent and he is automatically a rapist. This acquittal is disgusting and horrifying. Once again, we are blaming the victim instead of punishing the criminal.


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  1. I had to look this up further, before commenting, which has not changed my views in what I was going to comment first, just made my views more stronger.
    It’s disgusting how the court treated this 17 year old. I can’t believe the court made her hold up her thong in court, I read in the Daily Telegraph news. This just doesn’t help the young lady at all and of course she would feel raped all over again. I would have been very distraught and sick if I was made to do this.
    The Irish court are living in backwards times and this another example. Our clothes, or underwear do not give permission for someone to rape.

    I read there is huge outcry on this and so there should be. The man should not have got away with it and the court wants holing to account.

    1. Sorry. I just need to correct something after reading the telegraph news again. The Irish girl wasn’t asked to hold up her thong but a Scottish girl had to, that mirrors to this Irish girl. So I read wrong and needed to correct myself.
      I hope the Irish girl has a lot of support, because she will no doubt be feeling all the same, regardless she did not have to hold up her thong.

      As for the one in Scotland. That court wants hanging for making that girl do that. 🙁

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