The rate of police-confirmed sexual assault jumped 61%

Let that sink in. The rate of police-confirmed sexual assault jumped 61% in Quebec since the #MeToo campaign took over social media and gave a voice to those who felt they didn’t have one.

That number only concern the denunciations found to be founded by the police. That means that they were countless others that were reported but not confirmed. Now imagine how many came forward and were dismissed for having too little or no proof. Keep in mind that this figure represents only a portion of the victims, since it would be a small proportion of sexual assaults that would be reported to the authorities.

#Anxiety - TopcisWithPassion.blogThis doesn’t mean that there are more rapes in Quebec since 2006, but that the survivors have started feeling supported by society and dared to believe they had the right to complain and that they would be believed.

The Statistic Canada census shows that metropolitan areas with the largest increases were Quebec (78%), Sherbrooke (76%), Brantford (76%), Saguenay (69%) and Montreal (67%). Makes sense since there is a larger concentration of people in these cities.

I hope that effects will be felt on the justice system so that it can better assist victims of sexual assault.


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