Burnout work culture

We currently live in a burnout work culture. While our bodies are fully equipped to cope with short-term stress, they don’t react well to constant stress. The trouble is, when we’re constantly bombarded with things that make our body activate its stress-response system, things often go haywire.

Experiencing a burnout can have a lasting impact on the brain’s physical structure. Burnouts can cause your body to develop incurable chronic illnesses.  There is also a strong correlation between long-term stress and significant loss of grey matter.

In today’s burnout work culture, it’s all too easy to overlook your basic human needs, but meeting them is a prerequisite for achieving your full potential. Re-establish the agency you have over your own life in little ways, bit by bit, and those small wins will propel your progress forward, leaving you feeling even more motivated. Having a support squad that’s going to have your back when you’re working through tough workplace challenges.


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