Santa Claus

I believed in Santa Claus for a very long time and I still carry the holiday spirit and tradition to this day.

As some of you already know, I grew up in a small village. Every year in the beginning of December, Santa Claus would call my house and ask what my brother and I wanted for Christmas. We could even hear the raindeers in the background. He would also call my cousin’s house.

christmas-2939314_1920The week before Christmas, there was a huge holiday celebration at school, at which Santa would distribute one gift per children. My cousin, my bother and I would always get something from our list. It was never a generic gift.

When other children would say that Santa didn’t call them, we would reply that they were simply not “nice” enough to get a personal phone call.

I will always remember the year when my cousin and I suddenly realize that Santa Claus had the same shoes and the same watch as our grandfather, then it dawned on us that he was Santa Claus.  I remember my mother moving quickly to shush us so that we wouldn’t tell my little brother.

As a mother, I wanted to share the same kind of magic with my child. We were lucky enough to find a shopping centre Santa that spoke 15 languages. The line was long, but there were many elves to entertain and gather information on the kids so that by the time they met Santa, he would great them by their name in their native language. It was quite special. He is now sharing the magic with everyone as the Santa behind PNP. 


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