How to reclaim the holidays

The arrival of snow is for many a sign that the holidays and the winter holidays are approaching. Often our time doesn’t belong to us anymore during this season. This blog post will explain how to reclaim the holidays.

Happy holidays doesn’t depend on how much money you spend. It’s about the people you are sharing it with and the memories you are creating along the way. Shared experiences with our loved ones are the most valuable.

That being said, you do not have to attend everything. Just because some families are constantly on the go, doesn’t mean that your family has to follow suit. The Holidays can be a busy time for everybody. Social interaction takes energy. I didn’t understand that when I was healthy, but now I know it all too well.

As an introvert, I love the quieter, more relaxed holiday celebrations. As a parent of introvert children with social anxieties, we all prefer to keep the visits to a minimum.

Family holiday parties should be lighthearted and fun.

Here are some planning tips that helped our family and reclaim the holidays:

  • Will your child need their noise-cancelling headphones?
  • Will there be a place where your child can retreat to have alone time away from other people?

Sometimes no matter how much we plan, things don’t go well. You have the right to ask for help if you are overwhelmed.

I have a friend who travels outside the country and passes every holiday on a beach overlooking the ocean.

Don’t worry about what makes other people’s holidays meaningful, think about what can make yours a time to make memories.

How do you like to spend your holidays?


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