Why you shouldn’t cleanse

The holidays are approaching fast. It may be tempting to do a cleanse prior or after all the parties that we will be attending. The reality is that you really don’t need to cleanse before or after the holidays or any other day of the year.

Why you shouldn’t cleanse

You cannot do a cleanse or diet to “rid your body of toxins”. Your kidneys and liver have that covered no matter what you eat or medication you take. The body does all the cleansing and detoxifying itself.

Cleansing has become a commercial industry. Their goal is to make profits at your expense. At best, your cleansing be pricey and unnecessary. At worst, it’ll leave you feeling miserable, because you are missing important nutrients for your body to function properly.

Nature is great. Our bodies were built with it’s own draining system. Trust that it’s working. Cleaning “cures” may hurt more than it helps. You can be happy just the way you are.


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