Car Tips

I thought it would be interesting to share some car tips I’ve learned over the years.

Did you know that small problems, such as a poorly screwed fuel cap, can decrease fuel efficiency? The same goes with those little sport flags that people put on their car doors. The aerodynamic change actually cost you money.

Knowing how to change a flat tire is a valuable skill, but drivers may find themselves out of practice when the situation arises. I will always remember my first flat tire. I was on a rural road and I was so proud to handle it all by myself. On the spare tire it was written not to drive more than 80 km/hour so I put my four ways flashers and drove half on the side of the road so it would be easier for other drivers to pass me. Well, don’t I get the finger by a 90-year-old woman passenger from another car! Seriously people? If someone has their four ways flashers on, it means they are having technical issues. They aren’t bad drivers trying to piss you off.

Snow Removal -

In winter, avoid carbon monoxide poisoning by making sure to remove snow accumulated around the exhaust pipe and all around the car before starting the engine.

What other car tips has come useful for you?


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